Campamac’s two kitchens are the featured attraction. The project, created with the French company Moltenì, allows you to choose what you’re going to eat right when you enter. Campamac’s menu is seasonal and almost entirely zero-km cooking. It develops from the offerings of the season and the land, from the white truffle of Alba to tajarin, traditional Langhe pasta made with 40 egg yolks, and vitello tonnato, veal with tuna sauce.


Special attention is given to the meat, selected by Paolo Dalla Mora. This meat comes from female cows bred in Europe under a controlled production process and fed exclusively with hay; once selected, it is aged by us for 60 days. Young goat, suckling pig and other meats that appear in the dish of the day are cooked daily on a spit at the entrance. Finally, on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only, we offer a fish menu, with catch from the Adriatic Sea and San Remo.

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Barbaresco a Tavola 2023

Venerdì 12, 19 e 26 Maggio torna Barbaresco a Tavola, tre serate imperdibili per degustare e abbinare il Barbaresco in tutte le sue sfumature!